Bluefin: An Overview

by Chaindustry 23rd April, 2024
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Bluefin, it is a trading platform that runs on the Sui Blockchain and operates without a central authority. With Bluefin, users can make trades in less than a second, and these transactions are securely recorded on the blockchain and immediately visible on their interface. Bluefin aims to provide fast and efficient trading while connecting the traditional internet experience (web2) with the decentralized web (web3). As Bluefin evolves, it will keep improving its technology to ensure top-notch performance, security, and transparency. Plus, users can enjoy trading without needing a separate wallet.

How To access Bluefin

The Bluefin trading application is made accessible to all users with Android or IOS. Firstly, download the Ethos wallet application and set it up, then connect your wallet to their website. All traders are ensured that they are enrolled in the initial Trade and Earn program

Insight on Initial Trade and earn program

This is a significant way provided for users to earn in this project, although it comes with understanding certain terms and they include:

Epoch Length: The program spans 14 days (2 weeks) per epoch. The program runs until the lunch of the token $BLUE. Users are adviced to stay updated on their platforms for annoucements. There would also be a post program to allow those who joined late to participate.

Rewards Distribution: Rewards are distributed at seven checkpoints within each epoch, with BLUE and SUI rewards distributed after each checkpoint

Rewards Formula & Dashboard

The rewards formula is calculated based on fees paid and distributed accordingly. You can track your earnings via the Trade & Earn Dashboard accessible through your Bluefin Account.

Wash Trading Policies

Wash trading in crypto refers to the illegal practice of artificially inflating the trading volume of a cryptocurrency asset by repeatedly buying and selling it to create the appearance of high market activity. This deceptive tactic can mislead investors into believing that there is more demand for the asset than there actually is, leading to false perceptions of its popularity and potential value. Bluefin strictly prohibits wash trading, employing various methods to identify and prevent such activities. Wash trading violates terms of use and may result in the loss of rewards eligibility.

Open Referral Program

The Open Referral Program offers additional rewards for both referrers and referees. Here’s how it works:

Users can refer others to the exchange and receive a 10% boost on their Trade and Earn rewards. Referred users also enjoy a 10% boost on their accrued rewards. Referral rewards are calculated after the cool-down period and added to Trade and Earn rewards

Bluefin DAO

The Bluefin Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) will manage the Bluefin Protocol democratically, involving the community in decision-making processes. To learn more about the Trade programs visit [Here](https://learn.bluefin.io/docs/get-involved/initial-trade-and-earn-program


Bluefin stands as a promising platform offering traders an innovative approach to on-chain trading. It is a user-friendly interface and robust features, Bluefin provides a gateway for traders to engage in cryptocurrency markets with ease and confidence. Through initiatives like the Initial Trade & Earn program, Bluefin not only incentivizes participation but also fosters community engagement and growth. With a commitment to transparency, security, and continuous improvement, Bluefin is poised to make a significant impact in the ever-evolving landscape of digital asset trading. As it gets to a new horizon with initiatives like the Bluefin Vanguard Ambassador Program and the forthcoming Bluefin DAO, the platform remains dedicated to empowering its users and shaping the future of decentralized finance.

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