Chaindustry And Its Unique Application

by Chaindustry 14th April, 2024
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Chaindustry is a Digital Servicing platform for building and boosting growth, traction, engagements and adoption, as users complete simple tasks for chaindustry partners through the chaindustry DoToEarn network


Chaindustry application is live! The chaindustry application is now up and running on the chaindustry website. Chaindustry application is not just another task management platform; it's a solution leveraging the power of blockchain to streamline workflows, enhance accountability, and foster collaboration like never before.

Understanding the Application

Chaindustry gives value in crypto, NFTs and CDSP to users on our network to complete simple task for the growth of partners, thereby providing different digital services to chaindustry partners. With chaindustry app you can perform certain task and earn CDSP depending on how much of CDSP allocated to a particular task. 1000 CDSP is equivalent to $1 which is very much withdrawable.

The DO TO EARN Concept

This concept allow users to complete task such as social media engagements, educational quizes, and economic task in the form of digital services in order to earn CDSP points. These tasks incluse Refer To Earn, Predict to Earn, Engage To Earn, Learn to Earn, Sleep To Earn and many more.

DO TO EARN Services p 1.jpeg

Engage To Earn: Posts are made on the chaindustry task plane on the app for users to engage and win points in CDSP. these posts are either made by partners through thier accounts or by the internal team from Chaindustry. Anyone with the admin or access role would be able to create posts on the task plane. When these tasks are completed and reviewed properly by the team, the user is able to earn CDSP points as allocated to that particular task.

Refer To Earn We all know that the act of "Referral" is not a new thing especially in marketing. What makes this particular task unique in a way is that user get to increase the circle of users coming into the blockchain industry as a whole. Users refer as many people as they want and inturn earn CDSP points. A unique invite is created for every user for easy tracking.

Predict to Earn (PD2E): Stake to earn allows users to stake their CDSP in a pool to earn more CDSP. Their staking rewards would be based on their staking power, which implies that the higher you bet, the higher your rewards. Stake to earn will also allow users to stake other cryptos aside from CDSP to mine CDSP for staking.

Sleep to Earn (SL2E): Sleep to Earn allows you to mine CDSP while keeping your chaindusty mobile application running or staying logged in on sleep mode on the application. To mine CDSP for sleeping, click on sleep mode to indicate sleep. This allows you to mine tiny amounts of CDSP for sleeping. This would track your sleeping hours and reward you with CDSP for every hour your app/yourself is asleep.

Learn to Earn (L2E): Learning to earn would allow users to learn many things on the app/website, including blockchain technology. When users complete their courses, they will take a quiz and mine 2 CDSP for each question they answer correctly during the quiz. Chaindustry would also partner with academies and online learning platforms, where their users can take free courses about anything the partners post and answer quiz questions to earn CDSP rewards.

The Leaderboard: P 3.jpeg

The leaderboard is a concept made available for each Do to Earn Application category. it will help users to focus on remaining at the top of any category to complete tasks to earn CDSP. The top participants from each category that made the most points from the week would be nominated to be voted for grand winners.


As the Chaindustry application goes live, it marks a significant milestone in the realm of task management, introducing a groundbreaking approach that merges blockchain technology with everyday tasks. Beyond being just another platform, Chaindustry stands out for its innovative use of crypto rewards, NFTs, and CDSP points, offering users a novel way to engage and earn within the network.

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